Who are you?

My name is LaVae Mathis & I am the creator of Bella Atto. I am so excited that you’re here and hope that you will take a moment to say hello!  You can find me on social media by way of my personal website -> LaVae Mathis

How did you come up with the name Bella Atto?

We all know Bella is Italian for Beautiful but Atto is unfamiliar to many as it was to me when I started thinking about what to name my original website. Although, I have not yet been to Italy, I love Italian design! And of course, Italian food & wine, right?! Who’s with me on that? And, my favorite movie of all time is Under the Tuscan Sun! So I opted for Atto attached to Bella for Bella Atto. Atto translated individually is Act or Gesture. Bella Atto together translates as Beautiful Place. Do you like it?

What inspired you to create Bella Atto?

I have been an accountant for many years and although I have a great day job as the Controller of an engineering firm & I work with some fantastic people, once my husband & I became empty-nesters (Yep, it’s true, our kids are all leading sweet & successful lives as grown-ups now & btw, we’re very proud of them!) I needed a new baby of sorts, & a creative outlet. I started asking the universe what I should do? Then, I was admiring a piece of artwork given to me by a friend that was lost unexpectedly and I thought about how much that gift meant to me, especially now that he’s in heaven. You can read about that here -> Art Gifting. – The Bella Atto Gift Story

Then I thought about how much I love gifting in general. My mother practiced a religion when I was a child that disbarred Christmas and Birthday giving along with other holiday celebrations. As a child I always felt I was missing out. Not just on getting gifts but giving them as well! Although, I still have friends who practice the same, I did not adopt the same religious beliefs as an adult and in fact adore these celebrations in many ways. So, here I am, in the midst of thinking about things I miss, making something I love come to life in what I hope inspires others; Gifting!  It’s like I’ve heard people say in that, sometimes.. what you don’t get in life gives you something else. Bella Atto is my something else and you can read more here -> To Give Is Beautiful!

How do you find the great deals posted here?

Bella Atto is an affiliate advertiser rather than a store. As an affiliate advertiser, we have access to a wide range of products via our available partnerships with thousands of merchants. We work hard to bring you some of the best choices on our website within 5 price ranges and theme showcases. Here on this blog, we seek out the sales & clearance that some of our favorite merchant partners are promoting & then pass that information along to you in this sweet setting for some of the items we love the most.

What other interests do you enjoy personally?

My husband and I are both pretty simple people. We enjoy finding ways to make life fun and beautiful (Bella that is), in our own ways, without breaking the bank as they say. We enjoy the same things as most of you: time with family, getting outdoors, good food, movies, light travel, enhancing our home life, etc. amid this and that of your typical middle class lifestyle. I am planning to launch a personal blog soon to share some fun & beautiful ideas. Once I get it up & running nicely, I’ll add a link. Please stay posted. 🙂

We also have 2 dogs which we affectionately refer to as our four-pawed children & I’ll just call them Big & Little here because they are in fact, ‘BIG & wittle’.  Big is our Lion Hunter – the Rhodesian Ridgeback that is over-sized for his breed weighing as much as me on most days & Little is a Maltese coming in at only 8 pounds or so.  They are quite the pair and keep us delightfully busy much of the time when we’re at home.

More FAQs coming soon.

Have a Fabulous Day & Happy Lady Bug Hunting! If you’ve seen Under the Tuscan Sun, you know what that means! 😉  Cheers!




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